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Uses for Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation technology became a thing years ago and remained a “thing” because of the wonderful things that it can deliver: a genuine sense of where exactly we are standing in the moment. It sounds like such a small thing, but try and tell that to someone who is completely lost. You don’t quite understand the value of something unless it’s taken away for a short duration. Ever lose your cell phone for more than a day? The same science can be applied to the knowledge of knowing where we are and where we are going.

It’s for this very reason that indoor navigation technology is more than a simple benefit, its become something that we use as second nature. With that in mind though, lets talk about a few uses for indoor navigation that aren’t always thought about:

Comfort on the first Day

The first day of employment, regardless of where it is, is normally filled with stress. It’s a process of learning a bunch of new names and faces along with trying to remember whose office is where. Indoor navigation allows the stress to be solely focused on the people you meet and erases the fact you have no idea where you are going. Sure, you’re new, you’re definitely lost, but you can be lost with a smile, knowing that you have a tool to remedy that.

Setting Places to Meet   

Whether you are setting a place to have lunch, a casual meeting, or something else inside the social realm of possibilities, indoor navigation grants the opportunity to do this in a confident manner. A confident attitude makes a day feel that much different.

Knowing Where NOT to Go

It’s human nature to get curious and wander off time to time; it’s also human nature to get scolded when we do this. Depending on the adventurous kind of personality you may have, assuming that you don’t have one, this can help you avoid this mistake. With the thrifty help of indoor navigation you can proudly pat yourself on the back for not going into the zones marked stay out and live to fight another day.

Testing the Staff with a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt and indoor navigation goes hand-in-hand. Consider it a test of teamwork and communication. It doesn’t have to take long, and it could definitely be the beginning of a meeting, but create a scenario where a few people in the office need to work together to find clues at locations x, y, and z. Not only can this be a fun way of using this technology, it will definitely be a way of testing the communication of those you work with. It can also be an interesting way of starting the week.


Indoor navigation from companies like JibeStream can be more than a tool, it can be considered from multiple different standpoints.

Don't Know What To Do With Your Gold Jewelry? Find Out How You Can Make Some Serious Money!


It has always been said that to ensure a happy and prosperous life for a lady, the most important ingredient is a feeling of contentment amongst your female companions. So, what other than gold would be a better option to woo your lady? Above all, the female affection for gold Jewelry has been observed since times immemorial. But, this tendency has led many households to possess stagnant Jewelry which is passed from one generation to another. Many times, it is a common concern to earn subtle returns over these investments. With the changing fashion trends, you may want to invest in some other designs or metals or entirely different fields in the future. This is when your Jewelry comes handy.

How can we ensure the correct analysis of the true value of this precious metal? It is the prime concern that comes in the mind of every Jewelry owner as well as a goldsmith. A seller may fool you by inflating the current market rate. Moreover, a common man generally does not have a proper insight in this area.

The primary step here is to lower your expectations to ground level before getting on board for this process. The Jewelry owned by you may be a deal of great heritage with you. But, for a dealer, it is just a piece of jewel. So, you need to restore the jewel before putting a price on it. A very practical attitude is required while estimating the currently justified value of your gold. You should get a firm idea regarding the weight of your metal and the proportionate current market price.

Many times, people have the notion that the gold buyer firms are the most suited for this purpose. While getting involved with these companies, you must separate facts before price negotiation and verify incorporated return policy. However, past events suggest that the prices offered by established gold and jewelry buyers such as Pinto Gold can provide better returns for your metal. You need to decide comparatively amongst the available options.

These pawnbrokers and high street jewellers also have an avid interest in luxury watches. Some buyers can be easily attracted if you own any kind of gold studded watch. This comes as an opportunity for people who own gold watches.

The alternative path of selling your gold online is also a feasible one. You can utilise the services provided by sites like eBay to rake in some serious cash. These sites include advertisements by several other people who are involved in similar transactions. This can help you get an estimate of the money you stand to make.

The government issues an identification card to the sellers as part of its norm. You must check for this card in order to receive a fair price. If a gold buyer does not ask for your identification and is reluctant to show you his, consider it as a warning.

In addition to this, you can also store your gold in banks. These days, it is so easy to avail gold loans against your Jewelry. The benefits are considerable and it helps you to mobilise your stagnant assets.

The market economy is a major factor in determining the period in which these transactions should be made. If there is any slight chance of asurge in gold prices, a Jewelry seller must wait for the right moment.Gold Investments are undoubtedly your best friends in toughest of times. But, the risk management involved with it is to be dealt with very figuratively.


Top 4 Cases When Modern Security Technologies Prevented Burglaries From Taking Place

We live in an age when there is a sporadic increase in terrorist activities and crime is also on the rise. More and more goons are adopting the mindset that someone’s house is the easiest target. Your house is the one place where you should feel safe. You should be able to regulate the security of your place and assure yourself of the safety of your belongings every time you walk out of the house. For this purpose, modern security systems are the need of the hour in order to ensure a peaceful life and a relaxed mental satisfaction for you. They are really effective when it comes to preventing unlawful entry or deterring home invasions.

1. In Virginia, USA, a young couple were saved by their alarm system when a thief broke into their house and tried to drug them both. Therefore, an alarm system is a great idea, preferably with a visible box outside the premises. It will not only deter anti-social elements but sound an immediate alert of a home burglary. You might seriously think of a setup that’s monitored 24/7 by a security firm who will quickly notify law enforcement of an attempted forced entry.

2. In a similar case, a single mother was unpleasantly surprised when all of a sudden her lawn was lit up like the 4th of July. What happened was a cat burglar was tiptoeing towards her house when the motion detector lights zeroed in on his presence and illuminated him. Such incidents tell us that to Consider motion-activated lights, even on the street outside your home is desirable. Neighbourhood patrol, video monitoring, no parking and no outlet signs can be effective against home invasion too. This way, potential thieves know you mean serious business when you warn them.

3. In Los Angeles, the LAPD donated 500 security locks equipped with motion sensor cameras that transmit to an app. They collaborated with the application developerteam to reduce crime in the neighbourhood by letting the owners interact with whoever is at the door or whoever enters the property without letting them know if anyone is at home or not. In this way, technology usage has reduced burglary-related crimes by around 55% in that area. This is a clear example of how technology can help to prevent undue happenings in our vicinity.

The majority of burglary these days is to steal confidential individual personal information rather than to steal valuable. Personal details once stolen can result in identity theft as well as credit card fraud. These details must be hidden in digital media with a very strong encryption system. Such information should not be allowed to exist on paper in an insecure environment.

4. An old couple was sleeping in their home outside the city in New South Wales, Australia when a burglar broke in and did the unsavoury. The old couple, fast asleep woke up to find their belongings gone. Fortunately for them, they had inconspicuous motion detector cameras installed in and around the house which captured images of the thief and emailed it to a separate Gmail account. This eventually led to the capture of the perpetrator.

Technologies like security guard management software from Silvertrac have also empowered corporate companies to keep an eagle’s eye on the movements done by professional (or in some cases, far away from professional) security guards.

Be it any crime, technology presents you with affordable and easy to implement solutions to protect your home and belongings. Since prevention is better than cure, it makes perfect sense to go for it.


How Efficient Are Package Leak Detectors in Industries Ranging From Food To Research & Development?

(Pic Credit: Paul Townsend via Flickr)


From the food that we eat and soaps that we use to the computers that we buy, everything these days come in sealed packages. We know not to buy the product if the seal is not intact because it usually means that the product has been tampered with.

Packaging has become an important factor for quality control. Nobody wants to buy a product which is not properly packed because it just shows how careless the manufacturer is in terms of delivering quality product to the end customer. Packaging done right also increases the sales.

Though fancy packaging can attract new customers, what really is important is if the packaging is done right so as to ensure that the product is safe from the external environment. There is no use in having a new, glossy wrapper for a chocolate when it can easily be torn open on the way to the supermarkets. The shelf life of the product will be reduced, leading to losses.

If packaging is so important, then care should be taken to make sure that there are no leaks or other openings. Manual checking is possible when the number of products to be checked is small. For an industry that produces products in bulk, manually checking of each product is an inefficient use of time and resources.

Package leak detectors, specially the ones manufactured by FlexPak, are simple yet powerful tools that help to look for flaws in a package. They can test the seal to see if it is compliant with the standards and also to ensure seal integrity. It is vital that the equipment detect the leak and faults quickly and accurately. Late detection leads to a lot of issues which are hard to undo. The products are returned, potential customers are lost, etc. The sooner the leak is detected, the better.

Apart from these, package seal testers are used in a variety of industries.

In research and development labs, package testers play an extremely important role. These departments have to ensure that the material they are sealing doesn’t come in contact with moisture, air, bacteria, etc. Even the smallest hole in the package can lead to contamination, affecting the research.

Some chemicals have poisonous substances in them that when leaked can be hazardous to the environment. In these cases, the package has to be tested multiple times because even a small leak can have disastrous results.

Any industry that manufactures any kind of food product employs seal testers because the food can go waste if the seal breaks. Pet foods, vegetables, frozen foods, coffee, grains and every other kind of food should be properly tested with a package leak detector before entering into the market.

Some products have a thermal seal to keep the product in a particular temperature and when the seal is broken, the product loses its value.

Package seal testers are used in almost all industries today. Businesses will incur significant losses if proper package leak detectors are not employed. A reliable package sealing equipment and tester is vital to ensure seal integrity and without that, the chances of the product getting sold is extremely slim.