Hidden Damages in Your Bag Filters That You Might Me Unaware of

Be it the water we drink or the smoke that leaves the chimneys of the industries, we need both of them to get filtered through certain filters in order to keep ourselves and our environment safe.

In conventions held on the global level, the countries swear to reduce air pollution levels by setting certain limits of particulate matter the industries are allowed to release in air.

This is where the filters come in.

The smoke and other gaseous waste that are released contain a wide range of dust and other particles that are extremely harmful for the respiratory systems of human beings as well as other organisms.

To combat this, filters are fitted at various levels of processing that takes place in factories and industries.

But the amount of wear and tear these filters go through, make them vulnerable to easy damages. Some of the reasons are listed below:

Low Quality Use of Fabric in Filters: A number of layers of fabrics are present in the bag filters depending on its use. But poor quality of fabric can lead to tearing of the filter.

High Stress Conditions: Every machine has a certain limits of performance under which it works just fine but above which it starts delivering inadequately. Exposing the machine to excess of work, chemicals and temperature, it leads to machine (here, bag filters) fatigue which can, in some cases, could not rejuvenated but can only be replaced.

Overuse: Overuse of bag filters may lead to clogging and tearing of the fabric.

Poor Installation: One of the most common but at the same time, most avoidable reason for damage is the inappropriate installation of the bag filters because these filters are something that needs to be in proper place and be intact to deliver the task they are designed to do.

How Does Damages To These Bag Filters Pose As A Threat To You?
The worst drawback that we sign up for, when we install these bag filters based treatment plants is that, these get damaged very discreetly.

And these silent damages in the filters may cause problems for you that would not go unnoticed. We all know the importance of the air that we breathe and that water is the most essential thing that we intake. And these are the very things that are targeted when the filters in the plants are damaged. The following possibilities hang over your head if the filter has secretly torn apart-

Severe respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, occupational lung diseases, and a string of other disorders that harm the lungs
Water-borne diseases would spread like fire and turn into epidemics
Diseases that are caused due to presence of low or high concentrations of certain minerals and metals in drinking water
The levels of particulate matter in air and emission of harmful gases will be on the rise leading to aggravation of phenomena like global warming, green house effect, etc.
This list can go on and on, considering the fact that air and water are the two elements of life that are the most important but, unfortunately, the most sensitive as well.

What Can You Do?
For starters, make sure to install the popular filters of Fil-Trek for quality satisfaction.

Whether you have small appliances at home or big treatment plants in industries that involve bag filters, do keep checking them for any signs of damage or depreciation.

Also, the next time you decide to get new filters installed, keep in mind the following features present in the filter-

Appropriate layers of fabric
Silicone free setting
Appropriate micron ratings
Wide range capability of removing both gel based and solid contaminants.
Whatever be the type of treatment plant you use, constant inspection and care is what it needs from you.

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