War of Drones: DJI Vs Yuneec – Know What Should You Go For

With the advent of technology, there has been considerable progress in the meadow of the aviation industry. Right from bulky airliners and commercial passenger airplanes, to the airborne firms which have grown by leaps and bounds to build advanced frameworks and come up with a diverse assortment of private (personal/commercial) airborne solutions or drones as they are being called these days.

A number of remote-controlled contraptions have been developed which can assist in realizing a myriad collection of commercial goals without even breaking a sweat.

Right from taking a selfie to mapping out a factory compound, there has been the advent of a number of utilities associated with this unorthodox and surprisingly fresh and well-received avenue of aviation.

Be it monitoring groundwork roadmap or providing telecommunication services, drones have emerged as the go-to service for many of these seemingly complicated tasks. Many private drone owners/pilots have also begun to offer their services commercially.

This has resulted in the creation of a novel trade which has further given rise to cheap aviation access for consumers. But at the same time, it has also spelled out cut-throat competition for those firms who manufacture these flying machines which are equipped with GPS, cameras as well as communication arrays.

The two major firms in this race, Yuneec and DJI have presented some very interesting models with attractive features.

But at a glance, deciding between the two can be a tad difficult. To address this dilemma, we have provided some insight into the prospect via observations that came to our notice.

On The Basis of Market Repo
While the sense and avoid technology from Yuneec may attract a lot of big time drone aficionados, it should be accepted at the very onset that DJI has been the dominant player in the drone market for a number of years.

Which is More Trustable?
Due to the fact that DJI is the prevailing force in the drone world, it has provided us with a number of trustworthy models. In addition to this, Yuneec is a new entrant, which really raises questions upon its ability and capacity to deliver drone parts, provide satisfactory service and carry out drone repair in an efficient manner.

What about The Cost?
Yuneec is new to the game but that does not translate into any weakness in its first impressions. Yuneec has dynamically priced its products at two-third the prices marked by DJI and has gained market share effectively. This way, it hopes to capture the drone service market slowly and steadily.

Better Camera?
DJI has offered a number of additional cam modes after its initial basic offering via a firmware update. While this adds on to a number of shooting modes for the drone cam, the autonomous features provided by DJI are just not up to the mark in comparison to what Yuneec or even 3D Robotics have on offer. There are also broader chances for improvement with the coming versions, but that is all in the air as of now.

What about Overall tech?
Yuneec has a real advantage in terms of the ‘Sense and Avoid’ tech as it has partnered with Intel on this and has allotted some space to accommodate the Intel RealSense camera. In addition to this, there are a number of secondary features which have been integrated to suit a wide variety of tasks.

Any recent Issue To Be Worried About?
Recently, DJI has faced some issues related to the movement of the camera on the mount and some complaints regarding its customer service. It has also attracted flak for nickel and diming the customers for small accessories and the absence of a hard shell pack, which is all quite conveniently provided as a bundle by Yuneec.

In the end, it is up to you, the consumer, to buy what suits your needs the best. But, these tips would surely help you in making that choice wisely.