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How Efficient Are Package Leak Detectors in Industries Ranging From Food To Research & Development?

(Pic Credit: Paul Townsend via Flickr)


From the food that we eat and soaps that we use to the computers that we buy, everything these days come in sealed packages. We know not to buy the product if the seal is not intact because it usually means that the product has been tampered with.

Packaging has become an important factor for quality control. Nobody wants to buy a product which is not properly packed because it just shows how careless the manufacturer is in terms of delivering quality product to the end customer. Packaging done right also increases the sales.

Though fancy packaging can attract new customers, what really is important is if the packaging is done right so as to ensure that the product is safe from the external environment. There is no use in having a new, glossy wrapper for a chocolate when it can easily be torn open on the way to the supermarkets. The shelf life of the product will be reduced, leading to losses.

If packaging is so important, then care should be taken to make sure that there are no leaks or other openings. Manual checking is possible when the number of products to be checked is small. For an industry that produces products in bulk, manually checking of each product is an inefficient use of time and resources.

Package leak detectors, specially the ones manufactured by FlexPak, are simple yet powerful tools that help to look for flaws in a package. They can test the seal to see if it is compliant with the standards and also to ensure seal integrity. It is vital that the equipment detect the leak and faults quickly and accurately. Late detection leads to a lot of issues which are hard to undo. The products are returned, potential customers are lost, etc. The sooner the leak is detected, the better.

Apart from these, package seal testers are used in a variety of industries.

In research and development labs, package testers play an extremely important role. These departments have to ensure that the material they are sealing doesn’t come in contact with moisture, air, bacteria, etc. Even the smallest hole in the package can lead to contamination, affecting the research.

Some chemicals have poisonous substances in them that when leaked can be hazardous to the environment. In these cases, the package has to be tested multiple times because even a small leak can have disastrous results.

Any industry that manufactures any kind of food product employs seal testers because the food can go waste if the seal breaks. Pet foods, vegetables, frozen foods, coffee, grains and every other kind of food should be properly tested with a package leak detector before entering into the market.

Some products have a thermal seal to keep the product in a particular temperature and when the seal is broken, the product loses its value.

Package seal testers are used in almost all industries today. Businesses will incur significant losses if proper package leak detectors are not employed. A reliable package sealing equipment and tester is vital to ensure seal integrity and without that, the chances of the product getting sold is extremely slim.