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Top 4 Cases When Modern Security Technologies Prevented Burglaries From Taking Place

We live in an age when there is a sporadic increase in terrorist activities and crime is also on the rise. More and more goons are adopting the mindset that someone’s house is the easiest target. Your house is the one place where you should feel safe. You should be able to regulate the security of your place and assure yourself of the safety of your belongings every time you walk out of the house. For this purpose, modern security systems are the need of the hour in order to ensure a peaceful life and a relaxed mental satisfaction for you. They are really effective when it comes to preventing unlawful entry or deterring home invasions.

1. In Virginia, USA, a young couple were saved by their alarm system when a thief broke into their house and tried to drug them both. Therefore, an alarm system is a great idea, preferably with a visible box outside the premises. It will not only deter anti-social elements but sound an immediate alert of a home burglary. You might seriously think of a setup that’s monitored 24/7 by a security firm who will quickly notify law enforcement of an attempted forced entry.

2. In a similar case, a single mother was unpleasantly surprised when all of a sudden her lawn was lit up like the 4th of July. What happened was a cat burglar was tiptoeing towards her house when the motion detector lights zeroed in on his presence and illuminated him. Such incidents tell us that to Consider motion-activated lights, even on the street outside your home is desirable. Neighbourhood patrol, video monitoring, no parking and no outlet signs can be effective against home invasion too. This way, potential thieves know you mean serious business when you warn them.

3. In Los Angeles, the LAPD donated 500 security locks equipped with motion sensor cameras that transmit to an app. They collaborated with the application developerteam to reduce crime in the neighbourhood by letting the owners interact with whoever is at the door or whoever enters the property without letting them know if anyone is at home or not. In this way, technology usage has reduced burglary-related crimes by around 55% in that area. This is a clear example of how technology can help to prevent undue happenings in our vicinity.

The majority of burglary these days is to steal confidential individual personal information rather than to steal valuable. Personal details once stolen can result in identity theft as well as credit card fraud. These details must be hidden in digital media with a very strong encryption system. Such information should not be allowed to exist on paper in an insecure environment.

4. An old couple was sleeping in their home outside the city in New South Wales, Australia when a burglar broke in and did the unsavoury. The old couple, fast asleep woke up to find their belongings gone. Fortunately for them, they had inconspicuous motion detector cameras installed in and around the house which captured images of the thief and emailed it to a separate Gmail account. This eventually led to the capture of the perpetrator.

Technologies like security guard management software from Silvertrac have also empowered corporate companies to keep an eagle’s eye on the movements done by professional (or in some cases, far away from professional) security guards.

Be it any crime, technology presents you with affordable and easy to implement solutions to protect your home and belongings. Since prevention is better than cure, it makes perfect sense to go for it.