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Uses for Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation technology became a thing years ago and remained a “thing” because of the wonderful things that it can deliver: a genuine sense of where exactly we are standing in the moment. It sounds like such a small thing, but try and tell that to someone who is completely lost. You don’t quite understand the value of something unless it’s taken away for a short duration. Ever lose your cell phone for more than a day? The same science can be applied to the knowledge of knowing where we are and where we are going.

It’s for this very reason that indoor navigation technology is more than a simple benefit, its become something that we use as second nature. With that in mind though, lets talk about a few uses for indoor navigation that aren’t always thought about:

Comfort on the first Day

The first day of employment, regardless of where it is, is normally filled with stress. It’s a process of learning a bunch of new names and faces along with trying to remember whose office is where. Indoor navigation allows the stress to be solely focused on the people you meet and erases the fact you have no idea where you are going. Sure, you’re new, you’re definitely lost, but you can be lost with a smile, knowing that you have a tool to remedy that.

Setting Places to Meet   

Whether you are setting a place to have lunch, a casual meeting, or something else inside the social realm of possibilities, indoor navigation grants the opportunity to do this in a confident manner. A confident attitude makes a day feel that much different.

Knowing Where NOT to Go

It’s human nature to get curious and wander off time to time; it’s also human nature to get scolded when we do this. Depending on the adventurous kind of personality you may have, assuming that you don’t have one, this can help you avoid this mistake. With the thrifty help of indoor navigation you can proudly pat yourself on the back for not going into the zones marked stay out and live to fight another day.

Testing the Staff with a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt and indoor navigation goes hand-in-hand. Consider it a test of teamwork and communication. It doesn’t have to take long, and it could definitely be the beginning of a meeting, but create a scenario where a few people in the office need to work together to find clues at locations x, y, and z. Not only can this be a fun way of using this technology, it will definitely be a way of testing the communication of those you work with. It can also be an interesting way of starting the week.


Indoor navigation from companies like JibeStream can be more than a tool, it can be considered from multiple different standpoints.